“When I was an Alone Observer”

Some memories are quite beautiful and mesmerising. This poem dedicated to the Laboratory of Physics and my class mates which made me think about the poem. This poem is basically my observation on Thursday, 25 October, 2018. Here I observed the charm of students which fill their lives with an everlasting joy and pleasure.

When I was an alone observer

the thing I saw was happy spectators

just standing on the room’s corner

to see the charm of their laughter

some were standing to flatter

some were busy in their whispers

but still I felt alone among the whispers

“No time they had to stand and stare”

i saw students planning their future there

someone shaping these dreamers

and the shaper was a teacher

i was still standing with eager

to see a strange pleasure

a pleasure with no gestures

when I was an alone observer

i found the world full of colours



Life is Not Here

Life is usually considered very ideal full of luxuries and joys. Just say good_bye to ideality. Ideality is not a fact but an imagination. Such life cannot exist here it’s really somewhere else- to all those who are living an imaginary life,  from the core of my heart. 


Life is not here

Ofcourse it’s elsewhere

Niether here nor there

It’s where there’s no fear

Free of all the cheers

Life is like a castle in the air

Such Life is not here

Ofcourse it’s elsewhere

By: Ahmed Abdullah


Poem for my Teachers

A worthless poem dedicated to my school teachers as I have started writing it on the night before the teachers’ day which is completed today; to the teachers- Mr. Kamran Babar, Miss Shazia Dar, Miss Bushra Dar, Miss Nadia, Miss Naila Dar, Miss Sehrish, Mr. Faraz and Mr. Usman. You are the manufacturers!

a student, a hopeful creature

the student with no certain features

sits always in front of the speakers

these are not merely speakers

these are called  teachers

the one who bestow him an eager

to learn, to become a dreamer

teachers are the creamers

students are the seekers;

seekers of light and

teacher is the manufacturer

who makes the kings and the leaders

Written by; Ahmed Abdullah

When Robots take the place of Human Beings.

Man, the explorer of new things in this world, has devised a lot of way through which he can kiss the sky. Being a human he has invented a lot of useful things in this world for his leisure and comfort. He has always found peace and calm in the lap of innovation. He wanted to be the best. He wanted to show that he has been sent as ‘the crown of creature‘ on this world. He wants all he powers to become active so that he can find respite on this small piece of land. Iqbal says about such innovative people;

‘ The rise of clay_born smit the hosts of heaven with utter fright;

They dread that this fallen star to moon may wax with fuller light’

 So, the minds of present generation totally filled with a spirit of motivation has rendered them to move forward,to move where they can meet their desires and longings. The present age has become the age of dreams for those people who have passed away in he early centuries but not for those who are living in this stunning century.

The basic idea which reinvogorated me to write about robots was not only to enlighten the excellence in the field of ‘Robotics’ rather I am writing about the crisis which the human beings are going to face in the coming future. Although there is no refusal about the fact that the robots have helped the people through a great extent but they are not goimg to be helpful in providing better jobs to the locals of the area instead of providing the jobs, they will be the best source of snatching jobs in future. It will gonna spread illeteracy on a huge scale within a few years. The usage of robots in an industry is very advantageous individually but collectively it will impose bad efects on a society. It will not only spread the unemployment but give rise to different crimes as well. The rise of crimes will lead a society towards the edge of chaos these are the few factors which lead a nation toward the destruction. Moreover if we see the discusson from the side of robotical usage in industries then we come to know that the maintenance will be a big deal in this regard and the softwares that will be installed after a particular time are gonna costly to the owner of the industries. We mostly consider that robots are more efficient then human beings so this notion is as silly as an ass. So, briefly speaking the work that can be performed by a human can never be performed by the robots. Robots, having no sense of comprehenssion will make mistakes and these problems could not be easily detectable due to the complexities in their symmetry.  Whereas a human being, ‘crown of creature’ shall rather make a mistake but it will be easily detectable. Coming back to the point, ‘when robots will take the place of human beings’ they will lead the people to the edge of destruction. People will lose their health and fitness. There will be no blessing in such a work;Holy Prophet  says,

One who work hard is very close to Allah, the Almighty

So when robots will gonna take the place of human the real pleasures shall be eliminated from them. When robots will  take the place of humans the peace and harmoney shall be destroyed. When robots will take the place of human people become heartless. When robots will take the place of human beings, people will surely become worthless. Sir syed said in Maqalat e Sir Syed;

”If a human being is not given a chance to use their power of mind then he will become so lethargic that the he can sink all the efforts of a nation”. 

So I think we must stop beating about the bush. At the end, I must say that we must have to put our efforts effective to utilise our skills and to prevent oursleves from this unknown and unasked destruction.

by: Ahmed Abdullah