“When I was an Alone Observer”

Some memories are quite beautiful and mesmerising. This poem dedicated to the Laboratory of Physics and my class mates which made me think about the poem. This poem is basically my observation on Thursday, 25 October, 2018. Here I observed the charm of students which fill their lives with an everlasting joy and pleasure.

When I was an alone observer

the thing I saw was happy spectators

just standing on the room’s corner

to see the charm of their laughter

some were standing to flatter

some were busy in their whispers

but still I felt alone among the whispers

“No time they had to stand and stare”

i saw students planning their future there

someone shaping these dreamers

and the shaper was a teacher

i was still standing with eager

to see a strange pleasure

a pleasure with no gestures

when I was an alone observer

i found the world full of colours



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