“Obstacles are the Part of Life”


Obstacles are the part of life, you have to be optimistic“, these are merely a few word for those who are right here to see my post but for me this is a whole chapter of my life. These few words are an advice for me from my teacher from a beautiful recollection of circa 2013.

Yes I believe that obstacles are the part of life. The most refine things that we get in our lives is by dint of hard work, persistence, diligence and the most important factor; those lessons we learn when we fell down and we make a courage again to stand up and to fight again with a new passion.

Those people who are shining like the twinkling stars in the galaxy of beautiful stars is just because of the obstacles from which they fell down and learnt how to tackle with this crucial world. You may fell down but you can ne’er give up because you can learn in this piece of land until you don’t get lessons from your previous mistakes.

If I talk about myself so I cannot attach a tag of Mr. perfect on my body because I believe that human and their souls are created to seek forgiveness from our sins or it’s much better to say that we cannot be called as human beings until we don’t make mistakes.

Success and Obstacles are related to each other, nobody has kissed the sky of success without felling down. Sometimes the pangs of my past reminds me of the bitter and ugly things happened with me. Whenever I see my past, I I remember my hard past. People fell down not to give up they do so and then they check that why have they fell down.

It’s well said;

I have not failed; I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work”

We should be one of those who become an example for others, we should be one of those who can see their mistakes and have an ability to face them with a zeal not with bravery, we should be one of those who ne’er quits because a winner ne’er quits and a quitter ne’er wins. we should be one of those who are born to inspire those who have lost their hope for goodness.

If obstacles come in our lives we should be able to tackle with these problems. If we really want to excel & to move on in our lives, we have to believe in our future confidently.

I usually say;

“Opportunities are not like ready to wear dresses,

                         we have to stitch them with the love and warmth of our heart

                         and with the affection and twilight of sparks”


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