India’s Bleeding Wounds

Some wounds can be healed by the passage of time but memories act like a spirit on the wounds remains everlasting in the straw like heads of of cheeky nation and these Indians and India has marked their name as a fretful nation and the symbols of their climax has always persisted on their nation in the form of 1965 and 48 as well.
The spirit of race always has dominated on the Indians and their rulers but some remain persistent on the right stance.

What do you think why the people of subcontinent especially Muslims bore the pain of defloration of their women? Why they wanted a separate homeland? Why they spent their worthy lives in different emergcy circumstances? Why?….why?….why?….. Not to let Indians made these so called terror attacks; not to let Indians spread vulgarity in the form of poor Asifa but to protect each and every Asifa not to let Indians on the sacred land but to prevent every single citizen of our nation from bullying.

I do feel sorry for the ripped poor illiterate people who cannot change their fate in the presence of secular and parched BJP. Nobody is allowed to talk freely- those who claimed that we will take care of minorities have now been transformed in those yielding racists whi don’t want to see Muslims alive.
Here are few of the stances which will further clarify the position of wretched Muslim in a secular state i.e. in India.
1_ The Strait Time states about the doomed time of Muslims when Muslims were beaten to death in India for allegedly killing a cow.①
The news paper published the news on May 20, 2018 Cow slaughter in Madhya Pardesh carries a maximum seven years jail but many other parts of India imposes life sentence for infringements.
2_ The brutal gang rape and murder of an eight year old girl in Indian administered Kashmir has the restive state on edge. Sameer Yasir an Independent journalist based in Sirinagar reportss on how the investigation has split religious lines and this news has remained one of the headlines of BBC.②
3_ Washington Post states about the extremism of Indians that they are so much surged in their racism that they didn’t find to see what’s right and wrong?
The post has extracted in such a way;
” Modi brand of assertive religion based patriotism has widespread appeal especially among Indian’s youth but hus tenure has also consided with a rise in tensions between Majority Hindus on one side and Muslims and other minorities on other side. Instances of religious violence including lynchings rise 16% last year, according to ministry of home affairs.③

And Indians not only showed their shrewdness narrow mindedness on the Muslims living in their society but It also had imposed bans on Indo-pak sports due to which Olympic personnels have cancelled the schedule of Olympic games from India
”In Delhi, cricket was itself in focus amid a clamour to boycott the June 16 world cup against neighbours.”④
Now it’s not time for Indians to surprise us but we are gonna surprise you guys.
I don’t know why Indians feel so proud on having such an army whom needs cannot bee fulfilled by their enrage Govt.Your Jawan Tej. Bahadur Yadev claims that army receives the substandred food and experiences frequent hunger.

You took notice of 44 people beaten to death an Indian Resident but you donot take care of Kashmiris who are being killed everyday, I am talkimg about the Kashmir whom you call it your atoot ang.
What about Mubarik Hussain, your spy agent got imprisoned from Pakistan sent from tour intelligence so that it could filch the reports of our intelligence but all in vain. We are reticent not for the reason that we cannot take action but just for the reason we want peace. If you keep on trangressing so never forget we are atomic power as well.
Sometimes I do laugh when Indians talk about war even they know that it is not so easy to draw thwir armed forces on borders because it requires billion of dollars to do so and these dollars have now been spent on Indians and some are wasted in the coward jets fallen today by Pakistan Army.
Your stubborn PM is always dished up to spread false notions. Mere these allegations can do nothing one needs some proofs to prove your stance globally.
In a nut shell, your wounds can never be helaed and your effirts to secede a united nation will always remain a dream and dreams never come true without determination which you lack and in this attempt you are gonna isolate globally. It’s time to come out of your acrimonious behavoiur or you have to suffer from the hazardous and everlasting effects as you know our jawans never sleep.


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