Thinking of You ❃❀

Thoughts never end

Thoughts are like a butterfly; so random and so joviel. Hope you people are doing well and hoping your valentine’s day have went well. By the way, to be honest, my Independence day was quite outstanding because”I wasn’t thinking of you”The reason why I wasn’t thinking of you is that I have my own thoughts; the thoughts which can never quench their thirst from from questions. They can quench their thirst from more and more discoveries. Discovering more and more for me is the revelation of a new thought and these thoughts make me THINK OF NATURE, social aspects and the most important thing LOVE. Love is a name of a thought, a thought which can ne’er be vanished from our hearts. I do think of you when you are in front of me in the form of nature because it reveals very beautiful aspects oofsunrise, sunset, blossoms and many more. I do think of you when you are in front of me in the form of social aspects. For instance, from yesterday’s diaries valentine’s day had been a hot topic. I mean why? Why? Why this social ignorance and social ill is still present in our society? Why people are heading towards the wretched conditions they suffered in the history. THE STUDY OF VALENTINE’S DAY MADE ME THINK OF YOU. If you know love is not a destitute of a single day then why valentine’s day. If you know that being a Muslim it’s a social and Islamic ill then why we people are defaming our forefathers. LOVE is neither sexual Obsession nor ROMANCE. Please don’t change the Definition of love it is Something sacred. I do think of you when you are standing in front of me in the form of humanity. Humanity is just standing on the edge if chaos. Humanity, aghast, feels ashamed when case of Afia Siddiqui stands in front of it. Humanity feels ashamed when it hears the screams of Zainab when she was being raped. Humanity gets a slap on his face on the incidence of APS. Humanity is ashamed when women are sexually harrased. Dire need to focus on words.


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