Abdullah is a Trash


                                        You Love you hate

                                        you just waste

                                       not your powers but fate

(Ahmed Abdullah)


❃Everybody has a freedom ♀️♂️✔💯 and self determination, freedom to talk, freedom to celebrate and to exalt, we have a freedom to talk about our religion, freedom to move on and being a Muslim freedom to say bravely and valiantly, “Yes, I am a Muslim❗”.
But the Muslims are being pressed just because they are on the right path.

❃Religious violence and foul play with religion can never be entertained in any circumstance in any country whether it’s a Muslim or non-Muslim state. The world is like a bouquet where different flowers are placed and each flower has different smell. Not even a single flower resemble the smell of other flowers. In the same way, there are different religions with the hell of differences among the traditions, cultures, customs and history. The world is replete with such circumstances when every religion became a victim of violence. Muslims and Islam is not the exception. Muslims are being hurt by the brutality of other nations not only by the weapons but also with the assistance of hot words. I don’t know why every time Muslims became a victim of this atrocity in the form of New zealand incident. Sometimes, this mishap is in the form of Austraila Incident, when a Muslim Lady wearing a headscarf was beaten on a bus and was called a terrorist on 7th August, 2016.

Muslims are not being liked by the westerns and they ain’t happy there. A survey report has clearly declared that Muslims do not feel save in the western states. According to a survey, Globally, many Muslims report not feeling respected by those in the West. Significant percentages of several Western countries share this sentiment, saying that the West does not respect Muslim societies. Specifically, 52% of Americans and 48% of Canadians say the West does not respect Muslim societies.

The world is thronged with such Incidents and Muslims are being depressed and compressed throughout. Incident of New Zealand is also a part of this hate where people were beaten to death just because they were Muslims.

⚡What scales they have got to measure the justice?

⫸Today the Muslims are being deprived to express their independence not only in their social live but also in social media.

I was just scrolling my Instagram a few days ago where a comment suddenly popped on my feed and an European commented on my post, “You are hideous”. I replied, “beauty is in the eyes of a spectator”. You might have been considering these lines so dramatic but don’t worry I also took his comment as a normal criticism. I thought this comment shall be soon vanished out from my mind but I found it as if it were not gonna indelible from my life. Then some kinda motivation propelled me to ask him that what’s wrong with him? Probably the motivation in me was that I was not as much uglier as he has made me while calling me “Hideous” or maybe self respect which which forced me to ask about him but I never had perceived that he would prove my this confidently proved notion wrong. Anyhow I brought a courage in me to ask that what is actually the problem with him. I was just cogitating that what is actually the reason behind this nonsense. Meanwhile I decided to talk to him and sent him a message to get to know the reason for this stupidity. He replied, “You are a Muslim, Therefore you are a trash”. I mean when did we find peace? I think one can only get peace when it dies. I believe;

                                       To find peace we have to die

I don’t know why people are not satisfied by their lives? Why these people poke their nose in other people’s affairs? Why don’t they follow a principle- live and let others live.

Peace is something which everyone demands to live their live in an authentic way of happiness.

 “Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.” —Bernie Siegel.

Peace is the thing which can be source for the redemption of our souls, redemption from the worries of our lives, redemption from this scaring world. Why don’t we hope for equality, sympathy, harmony and proportion?

                                          And when the Sun comes out,
After this Rain shall stop,
A wondrous Light will fill
Each dark, round drop;
I hope the Sun shines bright;
‘T will be a lovely sight

When we shall consider these moral values? I am just leaving my blog with this Question and a Question mark. There is a dire need to amend our mistakes for the progress, ultimate peace and most important, the removal of Islamophobia from our lives. Hope the sun will distribute his sunlight on the entire surface of earth. I believe

 Leave the path of darkness and distribute light


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